Social anxiety

A few weeks ago, I deleted my Facebook account. I’ve had it for roughly 10 years and have flirted with deactivating it many times in the past, but this time–after doing my best to mute FOMA’s* persistent siren’s call–I plan to let it lapse for good. (In true “nothing is really free” fashion, Facebook doesn’t take kindly to you leaving it behind and taking all of your sweet, succulent consumer data along with it, so it makes you wait a few months before your account is past the point of no return, to up the chances you’ll come crawling back. Or, I’m sorry, to “help you stay connected to what matters most.”

Anyway, it’s been a few weeks without Facebook, and I haven’t missed it. But I still spend a LOT of time on social networks. Sometimes, I feel like my entire day is spent cycling from Instagram to Twitter to even LinkedIn for God’s sake, just waiting for something to happen. It’s the first thing I do in the morning. It’s the last thing I do at night. It distracts me when I should be working. So, today I cut the cord on all of them.

What am I hoping will happen? Well, hopefully, I will parlay some of that anxious energy into filling my time with more meaningful things. What am I expecting will happen? Hm. Perhaps a mild existential crisis brought on by realizing/accepting(?!) that my life has absolutely zero meaning or purpose as it stands. (And then hopefully building from there.)

Either option feels more constructive in the long run, honestly. And I’m mostly excited to see what happens. (I’m also terrified, but we’ll focus on “excited.”)

*FOMA: Fear Of Missing Out


7 thoughts on “Social anxiety

    1. Yaaaaay!!! I was just thinking about you and feeling bad for getting rid of my Twitter right after you resurrected yours! Also, this makes me hopeful that other (good) peeps can find me. Also also, excellent detective work!


  1. Nice! Still, I don’t go by “luluvox” much these days. I think only someone who’s known me a long time would think to search it. AND! I almost changed it really recently. This gives me reason not to! Either way, I’m glad you’re here. 🙂


  2. Your life isn’t meaningless- you’re in a place of working on taking care of yourself and getting healthier. Not to mention that just you being you has meaning to plenty of people. I know what you mean about feeling that way, though. Feeling adrift.


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